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Kindred Hearts was founded with a vision to impart holistic skill development programs which are imperative to the success of every individual. These skills complement academics and ensure positive personal and professional growth at every stage of life.


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Our team of Expert Professionals

Meet our team of Expert professionals. They will leave no stone unturned to deliver the best training outcomes

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Rajesh is an Aerospace engineer with over 25 years of expertise as an educator and Learning & Development professional. He has worked with various well-known corporates as a consultant and has helped them encourage a culture of continuous growth and success.

Area of Expertise: Emotional Intelligence, Effective business communication, Corporate and Behavioral trainings.


Bhagyachand is an Engineer by profession and a trainer, coach & NLP practitioner by passion. With 25 years of experience in target driven sales and Channel development he is adept in bringing out the best in cross functional and cross-cultural teams to make them highly effective and productive. 

Area of Expertise: Outbound management training, Leadership & organizational development, Sales & Negotiation skills.


Ashish is a young and dynamic go getter; He is highly motivated, energetic and his work ethics are exceptional. He has facilitated more than 250 interactive – Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence based training sessions and workshops for schools, colleges and various government organizations. 

Area of Expertise: Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and team building, Stress and change management.

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Dr. Neha

Neha is a Child and relationship psychologist with a decade of experience in the field of counselling, training and guidance. She has worked with many well-known schools and corporates across Pune and Mumbai and helped them increase their workplace happiness quotient; Her forte is fostering positive personal and professional growth in the most empathetic manner.  

Area of Expertise: Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills, Personality Development and Stress management.


Priya is a CS by profession and an educator at heart. She is extremely passionate about imparting social and emotional skills to parents, educators and students.  In her professional journey as an SEL educator, she has worked with various prestigious institutes and helped them spread the magic of social and emotional learning by making a positive difference in the lives of students. 

Area of Expertise: Social and Emotional learning for students, parents and educators.


Ankita is an educator and learning and development professional with an experience of more than a decade, she has worked with various organizations to deploy their CSR projects and has delivered campus to corporate and employability skills trainings in many colleges across Pune. She is also works closely with educational institutions to impart socio-emotional learning for students.

Area of Expertise: Soft skills, Mindfulness, SEL for students and Campus to corporate trainings.


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What we Offer

For Students


SEL and its Benifits

This course enables students to understand SEL and provides them with tools necessary to prevent burnout, enhance their mental and emotional well being, and better manage their studies.

Couple Counseling

After School Programs

We have developed a focused, high quality after school program in social emotional learning (SEL) that leads to substantial acadennic, social and emotional benefits for children.


Curriculum Integrated Programs

A specially curated program to complement a student’s academic journey and support their well-being.

For Corporates


Employee engagement Programs

Employees want to have faith in their leaders and be inspired and engaged by them. This program enables your employees to be more productive and understanding.

Couple Counseling

Workshops on Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is high in 90% of top performers (EQ). It is widely regarded as a predictor of professional and personal performance and is considered one of the top soft skills to master.


Employee engagement Programs on SEL

This program is specially curated to help companies build a positive culture and reduce disciplinary actions.

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