The best workplace is the one that cares for its Employees!

According to a new study, employees now see a vibrant learning & development (L&D) culture as a key part of what makes a company a great place to work in 2022—and beyond.

Our wide range of tailor made programs and workshops focus on covering the five key areas of talent development and going even beyond to ensure positive employee engagement.


Our Corporate offerings

Employee Engagement Programs on SEL

We can all agree that for any organization, People are the most valuable assets.
Our EI (Emotional Intelligence) centered Employee engagement program – IN sync helps corporations create a culture of continuous personal and professional growth wherein every stakeholder of the organization contributes positively.
It Promotes happiness quotient, employee well-being, better decision-making capabilities, leadership development and much more which translates into effective, high-performing teams and businesses.

Customised Corporate Training Programs

We also understand that every organization is unique in terms of its culture, aspirations, people, and hurdles it faces to reach its desired goals.
Hence, we conscientiously customize our programs and workshops in order to suit your organizational needs.

Our specialty programs include:

  • Outbound Management & team building, Behavioral, Organizational and Leadership development trainings, Coaching and mentoring, Coffee table discussions, Effective Business communication.

  • Your Business Strategy depends on Employee Engagement!

    An essential element of successful workplace outcomes is employee engagement. Employee engagement must be discussed in addition to wellbeing, management development, performance, and other topics.

    Why? Because every conversation a manager has with a worker has an impact on that worker’s engagement, and engaged workers perform better, setting you apart from your rivals. Learn more about employee engagement in your company to influence genuine change within your teams and to affect the business KPIs that matter.

    Partner with Kindred Hearts to Nurture and Develop the true potential of your workforce!

    Consider a flexible strategy for boosting employee engagement. What Kindred Hearts provides is that. Find out how you can collaborate with us to increase employee engagement.